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Whangarei Special Olympics Fundraising Concert

Featuring Dennis Marsh & Brendan Dugan

Hi folks

An awesome day was had on Sunday the 15th November at the Whangarei Special Olympics fundraiser concert held at the Kamo club. A full house was treated to a fantastic day of entertainment by two legends of New Zealand country music Dennis Marsh and Brendan Dugan bringing their mix of classic country music to enthral the crowd. They have a slick and well polished show having now spent many years working together on the road all around New Zealand. They were ably supported by Annette and Kim with “The Dixie Chickens” even making an appearance to amuse the crowd with their version of ”Tennessee Bird Walk”. Check out the videos on Facebook folks.

Thanks to the Kamo club management and staff, Doug the Digger Roadshow and Magic Music (Yvonne Lilly) for all their help in supporting the Special Olympics Team. Thank you Susan Marsh, (no no relation to Dennis), for distributing flyers for the concert. We know we can always depend on you. Thank you to Dennis and Brendan for sharing their amazing talents and stories with us. Thank you JD for assisting Dennis and Brendan with setting up and breaking down the gear. Much appreciated.

The amazing amount of $4200 was raised to assist the Special Olympics team. Which is absolutely awesome. Thanks to everyone that attended. Your continued support is very much appreciated. If it wasn’t for you making an audience for us to perform to there wouldn’t be much point to it all. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year. Until then remember to take care and to keep it country.
Have a Very Merry Christmas everyone and a safe and happy New Year.

Best wishes

Annette and Kim

P.S. Our last two gigs for the year will the Kamo Club Dance Section Christmas Break Up on Wednesday 2nd December and the Whangarei RSA on Friday the 11th December. These will be two great nights not to be missed. See you all there.


Hi folks

Here we are in level 1 and able to do live gigs again and not before time at that. It has been a long time without playing to a live audience. As we mentioned in our previous newsletter we have kept ourselves busy learning new songs, writing new songs and organising twenty years of music material. Progress has been made.
To kick things off we had a great night entertaining the folks at The Palms Retirement Village on the 26th of September. Everyone enjoyed a lovely meal, joined in singing along to many of our songs and dancing the night away. We look forward to returning in the future. Thanks everyone for a great night.

On the 9th October we performed our first gig at the new RSA premises. A long time coming this one as we all know due to Covid19 the opening celebrations had to be postponed. An awesome crowd turned out to support us and it was great to see so many familiar faces enjoying a fantastic night. The building is not as large as the previous one so the trick is to get there early for a good seat. We will be back at the RSA Friday 11th December. Hmmmm not long ‘till’ Christmas.
However, before Christmas we are excited to be performing once again with two legends of New Zealand country music; Dennis Marsh and Brendan Dugan. Write this date in your diary Sunday 15th November 1:30pm – 4:30pm. Dennis and Brendan will be with us at the Kamo club helping raise funds for the Whangarei Special Olympics. We had a sellout show last year and are hoping for the same again in 2020. Tickets are $15-00 each and we are limited to 250 tickets folks. So get yours now by contacting the Kamo club to avoid disappointment. It is going to be a fantastic show.
Just to refresh that’s; Sunday 15th November 1:30pm – 4:30pm Kamo Club Meldrum St Tickets $15-00 each Limited to 250 tickets. See you all there.
We will also be at the Kamo club on Wednesday 2nd December for the Dance Section Christmas Breakup. Always a fun night this one. So grab your Santa hats and dancing shoes and come and join us.
We are looking forward to entertaining you all at these upcoming shows, seeing out the extraordinary year that 2020 has been and looking ahead to all the shows that 2021 will bring. Take care everyone.

Best wishes and remember to keep it country.

Annette and Kim

Lockdown Update

Hi folks
Hope you are all well. We wanted to let you all know what we have been doing during lockdown.

KIM. Well I have been lucky enough to have been working right through as we are considered part of essential services. So I have been looking forward to the long weekends and short weeks. Our thoughts are with all those finding it difficult at the moment and even though we are beating this virus there are still bills to pay and food to put on the table for our family’s. Times such as these remind me of what I was told by a very good friend when I was facing some challenges in life. He said, “Kim, although it feels like Winter at the moment Summer is coming.” Please remember that no matter the challenges you are facing or how daunting they may seem and it feels like the deepest of Winters as sure as the seasons change Summer is coming and the Sun will shine in your life again.

Lockdown has given us both the chance to step back and look at our music more objectively. We have been sourcing new songs for our dance gigs and duo songs for festivals and concerts. As well as practicing our current song list I have been able to write new songs and rewrite some of the older songs that I have had waiting to be worked on. The challenge is writing good duo songs and hopefully I have managed to do that. Will only know once we start singing them I guess. Some of the song titles making good progress and which we hope to perform in the near future are; “We All Make Promises” – duo “There’s An Open Heart Here Today” – duo “Save A Little Hope For Me” – gospel “Beaten By The Bottle” and “You Don’t Have To Be A Cowboy”. Fingers crossed.

ANNETTE. Well I have been busy in my bubble at home on the farm, gardening and hanging with my horses and Elvis the donkey. I’ve started singing again and feeling great about gettiing back into things once we’re out of lockdown.. New solo songs been worked on as well as duo’s, playing my guitar and that’s been quite some time since I’ve picked that up, also working through 20 years of singing together partnership bookwork and photos and Backing Tracks.Kim can only image the head aches I’ve had sorting through all of that..History, memories, slowly getting it sorted.. Also hope to do another video to put up on line for you all to listen too very soon..

Stay safe everyone.
Annette & Kim.

February 2020

Hi Folks

Well, here we are at the beginning of another Decade. We are now 20 years into the 21st Century everyone and the Sun is still rising in the East and country music is alive and kicking in the West. And to that end on the 7th of February we headed off to New Plymouth to be a part of the Egmont Country Music Festival run by Lynn Putt and her team of volunteers. It is such a nice trip down the West coast of North Island New Zealand always something to look forward to. We arrived Friday evening to be welcomed by our lovely host, Noeline Western, who had graciously opened her home to us for the weekend and which had fantastic views out over the Tasman Sea. Also staying with us was the very talented fiddle player Marian Burns and her husband Phil. It was soooo great to catch up with them both again. Marian has performed quite a bit on our Albums over the years which we are very grateful for. She is an amazing Lady and a real hoot to boot. And Phil has some very interesting life stories to tell as well if you are ever lucky enough to share his company. We just had time to cart our bags into the house a quick cuppa and head down to the venue to catch Noeline’s brother, Hank, performing with his duo partner Owen on the Friday night show. A great start to the weekend with the Motor-homers parked up and ready to enjoy the awesome talent on display. The convenor even had time during the weekend to share a song or two with the very appreciative audience. Awesome one Lynn.

Saturday we were at the venue around 10:30am for the start of the day’s entertainment and to catch up with many of our friends. An enjoyable day with the weather even playing its part with just a bit of wind whistling through, maybe call it a slight Zephyr. The Saturday Night Show saw the likes of Keinan Ngapo, Luana Karl, Sophie Toyne, Sean Pawson, Dave Ewart Jr, Kylie Austin, Annette & Kim, Marian Burns and Dennis Marsh taking to the stage to Wow the crowd before the main act, New Zealand’s very own John Denver, Bevan Gardner finished the night off in roaring fashion. Well worth the entrance fee I thought. Once again well done Lynn and team. Big big thank you to the bands that backed the singers during the festival. Hired Gunz, Derek, Robert, Lance and Gary. Derek also performing with his lovely wife Lyn Evans during the festival. The Merrilands Country Music Club band with Pedal Steel player Joe Martin sitting in. Steel players are becoming few and far between so it’s nice to hear that traditional sound played well in our backing bands and to all those that shared their talents during the weekend, thank you so much.

As I mentioned we had the chance to catch up with many of our friends that we sometimes only see once or twice a year at shows or festivals around the country. These include Lloyd and Nancy Muller, Leeanne Dunn, Angela Edwards, Bev Gardiner, Derek and Lyn Evans, Robert and Pam Antonio, Pam Austin, Kylie and Jackson Austin, Sean Pawson, Keinan Ngapo and we can’t forget God, our dear friend Anne George great to see you all again.
Sunday morning we were up early ready for the long trip home after saying our goodbyes. Maybe we might have to start flying to festivals. Would give us more time for singing for sure. Will think on that one.
Speaking of flying to festivals. Not long now and we will be in Dunedin for the Silverpeaks Country Music Club Hoe Down weekend 20th to 22nd March at the Taieri Bowling Club. Hope you all have your tickets. Looks like it’s going to be an awesome weekend. Looking forward to seeing you there.

That’s about all for now folks. Take care and remember to keep it country.

Best wishes
Annette and Kim

September to December 2019

Hi Folks

Well here we are at the end of another year. They just fly by so quickly. We would like to thank all our fans for the support you have shown during the year. There have been one or two challenges along the way and we thank you for your understanding and best wishes. We are looking forward to 2020 and getting back into the swing of things and being able to entertain you all once again. Before we head into Christmas and the New Year we must catch up on our gigs since our last newsletter.

On the 14 of September we headed to Te Awamutu to be a part of the Branded Spring Hoe Down organised by Keith Willis. We were performing on the Saturday night Showcase at the Te Awamutu Sport and Recreation Club. A good number of Motor Homers had turned out for the weekend and on Friday night were entertained by wellknown New Zealand country artist Donna Dean supported by Doug Erutoe, Char Puriri, George and Jocelyn, Robin Durbin, Donna Saunders and Lynn Edwards. Joining us on Saturday night were Dennis August, En-Tranzet, Keinan Ngapo, Derek and Lyn Evans, Renee Strawbridge, Maysen Mitchell, Rererangi Twaddell and Anita Smith. It was a great night, fantastic band, fantastic artists and a fantastic audience. Thank you Keith and Heather for inviting us to perform. We had a blast and it was so nice to catch up with so many entertainers we don’t get to see that often. Nice to once again catch up with Nancy and Lloyd Muller and two of my old work mates  George Blakely, who now Motor homes around the countryside and Erkie Erceg and his wonderful wife Viv who now live in Taumaranui. Hopefully we will see you all at another of Keith’s Branded Festivals. He did mention that he may have to start them on the Thursday as they are becoming so popular. Well done to you Keith and all your helpers. Excellent weekend.

On the 4th and 5th of October I was lucky enough to be invited to be a part of the NZCMA (New Zealand Country Music Association) Entertainer of the Year Awards 40th anniversary celebrations held in Tauranga. Before I get started on how the weekend celebrations went I will try to give you a brief history of how the awards first began. Country music has been one of the most popular music genres in New Zealand since the days of the Tumbleweeds and Tex Morton. However, most organised country music clubs didn’t become established until the early 1970’s an example being the club which Annette and I have been past members of, the Whangarei

Country Music Club which celebrated its 45th birthday this year. Many more clubs soon became established across the whole of New Zealand and from there local regions began to have competitions or awards. One of these being the Napier City CMC, which was also founded in the mid 1970’s by Jim Toner a Scottish immigrant who arrived in New Zealand in 1974. Jim is the father of the well-known and very successful country group The Toner Sisters ( Lynne, Celine and Adrienne). Country music clubs were flourishing and a central organisation the “New Zealand Country Music Association” was established which country music clubs all over New Zealand could become affiliated to and from there their members could enter the awards circuit which Annette and her sisters were doing at that time. They were very young. In 1979, Jim Toner, put forward the idea of having one major awards event for all overall winners of the Regional awards to compete at and so the “Entertainer of the Year Awards” were born. Now here we are 40 years later. Annette and I are lucky enough to have been finalists in these prestigious awards both as solo artists and as our duo act. Congratulations NZCMA.

Friday night was a Black Tie meet and greet event with a mix of past award winners and participants and some of New Zealand country music legends. With most taking the opportunity to perform a couple of songs each with the band and watching a very well put together video and photo slide show of past E.O.Y. performances through the years. Yes, some classy clothes and hair styles from back in the day. It was such a great night and wonderful to catch up with so many talented entertainers and friends in country music. These included Mike McCarthy, Chet and Melissa O’Connell, Dennis Marsh, Dennis August and Gaylene Brennan, Marian Burns and Phil Sinclair, Brendan Dugan, Brian and Sally Burgess, Neil McKenzie-Hall, Robert and Pam Antonio, Robyn and Millie Eltringham, Jesse and Jane, Lance Murch, Shane Reha, Kevin and Kay Tappin, Geoff Herewini, Nick and Tracey-Marie Huia. Congratulations must go to Michael and Ashley Tipping and their committee for organising such an awesome night. Well done.

Saturday saw two great shows to find the 2019 EOY Senior, Intermediate, Junior and Veteran and the 2019 Songwriter of the Year. Guest artist for the matinee show was 1989 EOY winner Dennis Marsh and for the evening show the ever popular Topp Twins.

Also during the weekend celebrations the NZCMA presented life achievement awards to Marian Burns, Dennis Marsh, Brendan Dugan and the Topp Twins Lynda and Jools and the NZCMA Service Award to Merv and Sharon MacInteer a most deserved award indeed congratulations Merv and Sharon for your many years of dedication to New Zealand country music.
Congratulations also to each and every contestant that performed during the weekend. Each section would have been very close. If you didn’t already know here are the finals results.

Overall Winner – Sophie Toyne
Runner Up – Jackson Austin

Overall Winner – Jasmine Tilyard
Runner Up – Asra Ginders

Overall Winner – Arthur Pumipi
Runner Up – Alison Flavell

Overall Winner – Ngarangi Sadlier
Runner Up – Cherie Sinclair

Overall Winner – Jaydin Shingleton
Runner Up – Cherie Sinclair

On Saturday 12th October we were joined by two legends of New Zealand country music, Brendan Dugan and Dennis Marsh who graciously gave their time and talents to help raise funds for the Whangarei Special Olympics. It was a sell out crowd with standing room only at the Kamo Club with some hardy souls traveling from Dargaville and as far away as Auckland and were treated to a fantastic show from two great entertainers. We cannot thank Dennis and Brendan enough for their generosity and support and look forward to working with them both again in the near future. Also thank you to our good friend the very talented Carleen Still for sharing a song with us on the day. Much appreciated Carleen. Congratulations to the winner of the beautiful Ukulele donated and auctioned off by Dennis to raise a few extra dollars for the cause. All in all an awesome day that raised over $3800-00 for the Special Olympics.
A big thank you must go to the sponsors and supporters that helped make the day possible; Dicksons Transport and Quarries, the Kamo Club for the afternoon tea, the Whangarei Special Olympics Committee for their input and support, Susan Marsh and Noeline Copedo for putting out flyers in Whangarei and Dargaville, Yvonne Lilley from Magic Music radio station for the on air advertising, plus generous donations of raffle items and to you the audience that made it such a fantastic day. Thank you so much.

We would also like to take a moment to recognise the recent achievements by Dennis in the New Zealand music industry. Dennis recently recorded his 30th album “Garden Party” which went Gold and for which he became a finalist in the 2019 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards Highest Selling Artist of the Year category. He was also awarded the Te Mata o te Ariki – Special Recognition Award for his outstanding contribution to New Zealand music at the 2019 Matariki Awards and the 2019 “Benny Award” from the Variety Artists Club of New Zealand. Congratulations from us all Dennis.

On Wednesday the 4th and Friday the 6th December we played our last gigs for 2019. Wednesday saw us at the Kamo Club Dance Sections Christmas Break-up. It was another great night with these dance-aholics plus some pre Christmas fun and games. We always enjoy “pass the parcel” and the traditional Maxina and supper Waltz dances. Next year they will be celebrating their 20th birthday and I hear plans are already afoot for a big weekend. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for more details. Friday night we were at the Whangarei RSA where another great crowd had come along to sing and dance the night away. Great to catch up with friends Des and Sharon all the way from Dargaville, Yvonne, Jo and Maureen the Line Dance experts and our good friend Chris. Such a pleasure to play for these folk and I guess the next time we see you all may be in the new RSA premises. Hopefully we will be able to be a part of the opening weekend celebrations. If not ourselves then maybe our Aussie mates. Look forward to seeing you all then.

On that note.Just to give you all a heads up on some exciting happenings next year we have been arranging some performances in Northland for our Aussie friends Allan Webster, Bidge Boyd and Alby Poole following their appearances at the World renowned “Bay of Islands Country Rock Festival” in May 2020. So far we have confirmed two shows at the Kamo Club on Wednesday the 13th  May and Saturday the 16th May and one night at the Whangarei RSA on Friday the 15th May. We hope to get one more in the North for them and hopefully a couple of appearances in the Auckland area. All three are very highly regarded in the Australian country music industry and they have been involved in the country music scene for many years and are very talented country music singer/songwriters that play a variety of music to suit all tastes. We look forward to having them here and entertaining our Kiwi audiences. Early in 2020 we will be in New Plymouth for the Egmont Country Music Festival and then in March we will be in Dunedin for the Silverpeaks CMC Hoe Down weekend. We are really looking forward to these two shows. Maybe we will see you there.

Well, that’s about it from us. Once again thank you all for your support in 2019 have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year and look after yourselves. And remember to keep it country.

Best wishes

Annette & Kim

July/August 2019

Hi Folks

Following on from the very successful 30th Bay of islands Country Rock Festival we took a break for the month of June. As many of you are aware Annette headed off to the USA with the Kevin Greaves Tour Group. I am sure everyone was entertained by the regular Facebook up dates that allowed us all to follow her journey from Lake Tahoe to Gracelands, Bakersfield, the Grand Ole Opry and New Orleans to name just a few of the amazing locations that were visited.

Our first engagement for July was the Whangarei RSA. Always enjoy entertaining these folk and we hope to be back there before the end of the year. The following Sunday we had a great afternoon with the residents of the Hibiscus Coast Retirement Village in Orewa. Lovely to see some familiar faces from the country music scene in the audience and again we would love to come back in the near future. Thank you Elaine and the committee for inviting us to perform for you all.

The main event for July was our trip to Australia and the Barham Stampede held at Club Barham RSL in NSW on the banks of the Murray River. We always enjoy returning to this festival and catching up with old friends and making new ones and they love their dancing as well. It is a pretty full on three days but so rewarding. It was also great to see Dargavillian Janice Lugtighied there with her sister and brother in law enjoying the festival. After an early flight from NZ on the 25th we arrived in Melbourne to be met by our Aussie dad, Dale, who had travelled once again all the way from Adelaide to join us for a couple of weeks on the road. It was so nice to see Dale again only 12 months for me but 2 years for Annette. Hugs and tears all around. Once we had found our way out of Melbourne we headed to Barham with a small detour to Lockington to pick up a P.A. system to use for our Monday Madness gig at the club. Kindly supplied by our good friend Kerran Keats. And a short stop at one of my favourite shops on the way “HV McKay Rural Discovery Ctr” in Elmore. A must see for any traveller. We arrived in Barham late afternoon to be welcome by Motel owner Gary in his usual cherry way. A bit of a tidy up and a little grocery shopping and we were ready for the weekend and the Thursday night show “Kings and Queens of Country” starring Sandie Dodd and Callum Glesson. An entertaining and fun show by two very talented performers to kick off the festival in style. Performing the hits of such legends as Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Dwight Yoakem, Kenny Rogers and Glen Campbell to name just a few.

On Friday we were into the festival proper. We were joined by fellow Kiwi’s Aly Cook and Dennis Marsh along with a host of Aussie performers which included Allan Webster, Danny Stain, Justuss (Wendy and Kerri), Rene Diaz, Sharon Benjamin and the Cartwheels. It was also very nice to see familiar faces on the dance floor enjoying the music and great to catch up with Susanne and Bruce, Don and Muriel and we were pleasantly surprised with a visit from our very good friends Rod and Margaret McCarthy from Kyneton. We met Rod and Margaret on our very first visit to Barham back in 2012. They were caravanning with family at Barham Lakes and have been coming to the festival for many years. On a couple of occasions they were kind enough to pick us up from the airport and shuttle us up to the festival. It was awesome to see them again.

As usual the weekend goes by too quickly but we were privileged to be able to perform a couple of songs with NZ Country Legend, Dennis Marsh, and Australia’s Country Gentleman, Allan Webster. Hope you all get to see the video on Facebook. Thank you both for sharing the stage with us. We must thank the band “Southern Cross” for all their hard work during the weekend. Thanks Bob, Col and Anthony, great job. A pleasure to perform with you all. Thank you to Anthony Tenace on sound and to Linda and the club for having us. Also a big thank you to the fantastic audience that supported not only ourselves but all the artists that performed. We hope to see you all next year. However, the show wasn’t over completely as we still had the Finale to go. Before we left New Zealand Annette asked me what we were going to do for the finale and I said,” Well since you didn’t get to wear your chicken suit last year it will be something to do with chickens”. The finale was one of the best we have been involved in. I hope we can get the videos on to Facebook so everyone can see what we have done, as I don’t think words would do it justice. Will be a hard one to top that is for sure.

With all the farewells said it was on to the Monday Madness at the club. An entertaining afternoon of raffles and music expertly run by Marie and unfortunately a glitch with the P.A. system. However, with the support of Linda from Club Barham and Anthony we were able to set up a smaller system to finish off the afternoon proceedings. Thank you so much Linda and Anthony. No raffles won by our team this year. We also send our love and best wishes to our dear friend Audrey James who usually comes to see us on the Monday but is unwell at present. Take care Audrey we wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you next year. Maureen and Allan had decided to stay for the Monday Madness and Allan offered the use of his P.A. for our Morning Melodies gig in Kyvalley the following day. Which was a lifesaver. So Monday arvo we all headed to Moama where we had booked accommodation at Moama Discovery Parks. Totally recommend their cabin accommodation, clean , warm and spacious for the weary travellers. We then headed over to Moama RSL with Maureen and Allan for a lovely dinner and a bit of banter.

Tuesday morning up early and on our way to Kyvalley Community Hall for our Morning Melodies gig and to meet up with locals, Bev and Beryl, to set up the P.A. ready for a 10:00am start. We had a great morning with sing a longs and stories and even a bit of a history lesson concerning what may be a connection for Annette and the Dickson family and the Kyvalley area. Ask her about it next time you see her. The morning wasn’t without it’s dramas either. For some spooky reason we had a bit of  a power surge go through the hall which affected the sound desk. Fortunately for us Allan had packed a spare and with little trouble changed over to the new one and we were up and running again. We think he thinks we are jinxed. Thank you so much for all your help Maureen and Allan much appreciated. Also thank you Bev and Beryl and the local community for supporting the morning and for having us entertain. We certainly hope to see you again soon.

At Kyvalley we said our goodbyes to Maureen and Allan and headed off to spend a couple of days on RnR. We decided to head to Tucomwal where there is a great little antique shop and then on to Yarrawonga and Mulwala to show Annette the lake and weir built on the Murray River. A night in Mulwala and dinner at the RSL then next morning a look around both Mulwala and Yarrawonga. One of the highlights being the Pioneer Museum at Mulwala. Those of us born in the 50”s and 60’s will remember our Grandparents using some of the items on display. Hand Mincers, mangles and concrete tubs, cream separators, all manner of horse drawn carts and harvesters, collars and hames, turn of the century aeroplanes and blacksmith display. A must see if you are visiting or just passing through. From there we headed to Shepparton via the painted silo’s at Tungamah, St James, Devenish and Goorambat. We had visited the silos at Rochester on our way up to Barham from the airport. These murals are amazing – see photos of them below. They are breathtaking.

After a night in Shepparton we visited our 2nd favourite shop Shepparton Second Hand and Collectables on Goulburn Valley Hwy. Yes, we both found something here to buy. Such an amazing shop it’s like being on American Pickers. From Shepparton we headed to “Cactus Country” which Annette had spotted not far from Strathmerton a couple of days before when we were driving to Tucomwal. Cactus Country is a garden containing more than 4000 species of cacti and succulents from around the globe and has eight different garden trails. Again hopefully we will get some photos on this site. You can even wear Mexican sombrero’s around the gardens and try a little cactus cake at the café. Yummy. Allow yourself at least half a day to explore.

We then decided to head back to Moama via Barmah and a quick look at Barmah Lake, also on the Murray River, and the surrounding wildlife. A phone call to Moama Discovery Parks and we knew we had warm accommodation to look forward to. Once there we would be able to prepare in comfort for the Lockington Festival. Which we duly did. We must thank Dale for being our tour leader and for being so patient.
Friday 2nd August was the day to head over to Lockington, about a thirty minute drive away, but not before a look around the beautiful town of Echuca. Which included a little wine and fudge tasting along the way. Then lunch at the 3 Galahs café and hello another antique shop and a couple of Elvis records to add to my collection. Don’t worry, Annette did a little retail therapy as well.

Our next stop was to the home of our host for the weekend, Jennie Keele, who had kindly opened her home to us and with whom Dale and I had stayed with last year. Thank you so much for having us Jennie much appreciated it was great catching up again. Once our gear was unloaded and we were settled in we headed to the Lockington Community Hall to catch up with festival organisers Roz and Craig Giles and prepare for our first set. It has been a pleasure to perform at this festival over the last couple of years as we have made so many friendships and it is always so nice to renew them each year. We count among them Roz and Craig, Kerran Keats and Di Jones, Rupe Adams, Kinta Watts, James Moore, The Night Owls band Bob, Col and Fergie wonderful job guys and a big thank you to the talented Grant Luhrs on sound. So very nice to catch up with Allan Carroll again. We first met Allan on our first trip to Barham back in 2012 along with his lovely wife Nancy. So sorry to hear of Nancy’s passing Allan we send our love to you and your family, Nancy will be sadly missed by everyone that knew her. What can we say about the audience, amazing, they love their dancing. No more so then a wonderful couple from the small town of Simpson, Frank and Barbara. To see them dance is just such a joy, awesome. We were also blessed with a surprise visit from our dear friend Jenny Edwards. Didn’t think we were going to see you this year Jenny. Once again before you know it the weekend is coming to an end and we are saying our goodbyes. A special mention must go to the local volunteers from Lockington that kept us all fed and watered during the festival. Fantastic job everyone.

We then made the decision to head for Adelaide and home. So that was 670kms in 7 hours at night. Didn’t see any Roos but Annette reckons she spotted one fox along the way.

We spent a few days catching up with Dales’ family and overcoming a few fears as shown by Lilly the blind Alexandrie Parrot and Rusty the Bearded Lizard. Success. One of the highlights of our trip was being invited to have dinner with the Sherrah and Stewart families. Tracy Stewart and her brother Steve competed on the NZCMA Awards circuit with their mum, Chris, back in the 70’s and 80’s at the same time as Annette and her sisters were competing and are also good friends of the Kanara family. The well-known musical family from Whangarei. So lots of connections there to reminisce about. Tracy and her husband the very talented guitarist, Anthony Stewart, along with Steve and his wife Michelle perform as The Sherrahs and their harmonies are awesome. We enjoyed a lovely family dinner followed by a sing a long that included items from all family members. Thank you so much for your hospitality and for sharing your amazing talents with us. Hopefully we can do it again sometime in the near future.

An early morning flight from Adelaide to Melbourne saw some emotional goodbyes to Dale. So sad to be leaving but we will certainly see him again soon. Melbourne to Auckland and the drive to Whangarei and we were home.

Looking ahead to September and October. We will be in Te Awamutu to perform at the Spring Hoe-Down on Saturday September 14th  at the Sport and Recreation Club on Albert Park Dr. Really looking forward to performing at the festival. Thank you Keith for inviting us down. On Saturday October 12th we will be helping the Whangarei Special Olympics with a fundraising concert at the Kamo Club. We have been lucky enough to have two icons of New Zealand country music agree to support this event, Dennis Marsh and Brendan Dugan will be joining us for the afternoon. Tickets are available now from the Kamo club. See you all at one of these two great events.

On a sadder note. While we were away two of our dearest friends passed away, Viv Bennet and Horrie Ogle. We will miss them both very much as they have been two of our biggest supporters for many many years. We send our love and deepest sympathies to each of their family members and in their memory we will keep on keeping it country. Rest in peace Viv and Horrie.

Best wishes everyone. Annette and Kim

April/May 2019

Hi Folks

Our first gig in April was at the RSA. Another great night of dancing. It is always a pleasure to entertain here as we get such great support from the patrons. It looks as though we will be back at the RSA on the 5th  of July. So catch you all there.

The following Sunday saw us catching up with the guys from The Mountain Mist band for a practice before the Bay of Islands festival. It usually pays to have at least one.

Saturday the 13th April we were part of the Fall into Fall weekend at the Kamo club. Our spot was Saturday avo 1 – 3:30. Not a large audience but very appreciative and happy to sit and listen to the afternoon show. On Friday night we went along to support my cousin Craig Robertson and his band 43 Holes. Another awesome night of country and rock’n’roll tunes to get everyone on the dance floor. Saturday night was the turn of evergreen entertainer Shane and his band Shazam to get the crowd going. I hear it was a fantastic night. Overall an awesome weekend for everyone that attended the shows.

On the 27th April we were part of the Ruatangata Hall Variety Concert Fundraiser. We were joined by some very talented locals to raise funds for the up keep of the community hall. The artists were piped into the hall at the beginning of the show by bagpipe player Hugh Montgomery. An awesome way to start the evening. Other artists included vocalist Amanda Raynor accompanied on guitar by her husband Paul Van Den Berg performing a couple of The Steeldrivers songs one being a great rendition of “If it Hadn’t Been For Love”. We were then entertained by two wonderful instrumentalists Graeme Phyn on keyboards and Wallace Johnson on Saxophone playing a variety of well known tunes. Joe Pita a very talented man fairly new to the district then treated the audience to some of his original songs and awesome guitar playing. A good number of locals turned out to support the evening. A big thank you to Pam and Peter Morgan and the committee for helping to organize this event. Hopefully more talented locals will start practicing hard for the next fundraiser.

And so into May and the internationally renowned “ Bay of Islands Country Rock Festival” 2019. What a great milestone for Shirley May and her team, 30 years, of providing outstanding country music to New Zealand fans. The photo shows Shirley presenting me with a “Certificate of Recognition” for performing in the 1st and 30th festivals and a few in between. Only two others share this achievement, Dallas Grant and Tony Harrison. I am sure that both Dallas and Tony feel the same way I do which is; It has been a pleasure Shirley. The photo also shows one of the great country albums from the ‘70s which I sometimes mention at our gigs “20 Town and Country Greats Vol 1”. A classic. Thanks for the copy Shirley.

We had three gigs over the weekend. The first being at the Copthorne in Waitangi. This is a great venue and it was awesome to be back performing with Richard, Tiny and Ian as The Mountain Mist Band. Then it was off to Russell and the Duke Tavern where were able to catch up with Joni Harms and her daughter, Olivia, all the way from the US of A. We first met Joni a couple of years ago when she travelled over for the Marton Country Music Festival. It was so nice to see her again and get a photo together with herself and Olivia. We also caught up with the very talented Carylann Martin. Carylann has agreed to play piano accordion on an original song I am recording with Mike McCarthy at Manuka Studios in Orewa so I am really looking forward to that. We managed to grab some dinner at the Russell RSA and listen to a great band from the mainland “The Northern Outpost” multi-talented musicians for sure.

Sunday we were at the Paihia Sports Bar for our final show. A great audience turned out to support us which was magnificent. Thanks to James on sound great job. We also managed to touch base with our Aussie friend, Callum Gleeson, an awesome singer who we will be seeing in Barham NSW in July. There were so many friends we were unable to catch up with but we hope you all had a fantastic time at the 30th anniversary festival.

That is all we have booked until Friday the 28th June when we will be appearing at the Henderson RSA. Look forward to seeing all our Auckland fans at this one it’s going to be a great night.

As most of you will be aware Annette is currently in the USA on the Kevin Greaves Tour with our good friend Elva Morgan. By the photos and videos being posted on Facebook they are having an awesome time. I’m sure we wish we could all be there with them. Lucky buggers. Follow the tour with Annette on Facebook. She is doing a great job of keeping us up to date on their travels.

One last thing to mention. Congratulations to all the contestants at the Norfolk Island Country Music Festival. Well done Jaydin Shingleton 2019 Winner Trans-Tasman EOY Award and Best Original Song. Runner – up Cherie Sinclair and Tegan Reid Most Promising Artist. We hope everyone involved in the festival had a fantastic time on this beautiful South Pacific Island.

So, take care and remember to keep it country and to all our Aussie fans and friends we will see you all in Barham in July. Can’t wait.

Best wishes

Annette and Kim

February & March 2019

Hi Folks

We had four great gigs during February and March. On the 24th of February we were in Kawakawa for the Variety Charity Concert to raise funds for the Kawakawa Vintage Railway. Shirley May had once again organised a great lineup of artists to entertain a small but appreciative audience. These included BOI College Kapa Haka group with a rousing performance to kick things off, the multi talented Diane Brown, Roger McLean family string trio, vocalist Daniel Morrison, Jack and the Boys playing country rock and Jack Tane another well known entertainer around Whangarei and Northland. The show was held together once again by MC John Carter. A great day had by all for a very worthy cause. We wish Frank and his team the very best. They are doing a great job of keeping the history of Vintage Rail alive.

On the 6th of March we were at the Kamo club entertaining the Dance Section on their 19th birthday celebrations. Wow where did those years go. So next year will be the big “Two O”. Hope we get an invite to that one. Always great to play for these guys and watch some awesome dancing.

On Sunday 10th March we did something a little different and joined some of the Northland country music clubs for a day at the Towai Tavern. A selection of players and singers rolled up to enjoy the day and to be part of a fantastic day of country music. A big thank you to Dennis Pabirowski for supplying and operating the sound system for the day. A great day with great friends and great food supplied by Towai Tavern management and staff. This may become an annual event.

Finally in March we headed off to Thames to be a part of the 5th Thames Country Music Festival organised by my cousin Craig Robertson. We were appearing on the Saturday night Showcase but the festival kicked off on the Friday night with a welcome show and then the Friday night Showcase. Craig had a fantastic lineup of artists for the weekend and it was so nice to catch up with so many friends we had not seen for quite sometime. Great to see the Kamo contingent down to support the weekend as well. An awesome lineup of bands had been arranged for the weekend these included Craig and

43 Holes, Hired Gunz and Koltrain. Koltrain were our backing band for Saturday night and did an awesome job as did all the bands during the festival. It was such a pleasure to meet up again with the Te Paa boys Arbie, Richard and Chad and Robbie Katipa jnr amazing musicians and so talented. Festival goers were not disappointed. Some of the fantastic acts on display were; country legends Dennis Marsh and Brendan Dugan, NZCMA patron Dennis August, Coopers Run, Kylie Austin, Carleen Still, Grant Reha Timoti, Joy Adams, Te Whanau, Derek and Lynn Evans, Spellbound, Nelton and Faye, Debz Standen, Bruce Greaves, Peter Frew and of course the man himself Craig Robertson. Also a big thank you to Ted Viscovich and Peter Still on sound and Rolleston Motel for the accommodation. Very much appreciated.

And that was about it for February and March everyone. Hope to catch up with you all sometime somewhere along the road. To all those in the Auckland area we will be at the Henderson RSA on the 28th of June 7pm till 11pm. Before that we will be at the 30th Bay of Islands Country Rock Festival on Saturday and Sunday the 11th and 12th May with “The Mountain Mist Band”. Really looking forward to performing with Richard, Ian and Tiny again.

Until then remember to take care and to keep it country.

Best wishes

Annette and Kim

January 2019

Hi folk

Happy New Year to you all. Here is a quick round up of our January gigs. The year commenced with two shows with our very good friend Allan Webster “Australia’s Country Gentleman” all the way from Millicent S.A.. Two fantastic shows one at the Kamo Club on Wednesday 9th January and one at the Whangarei RSA on Friday 11th January were both very well supported. It was great to so many people coming out so early in the year. It just goes to show that if you have good quality entertainment people will definitely support it. Which we appreciate very much. Thank you all we had a ball as I’m sure Allan did as well. It was also a special treat to be entertained be Maureen and Allan’s granddaughter, Melody, at both shows. Melody will be a force to be reckoned with in the years ahead in the entertainment industry. Once again thank you to the Kamo Club and the Whangarei RSA for allowing us to perform and to all those that travelled to the shows. We know some of the Mobile Homers did Wai Worri Festival and were heading to Marton for the festival down there. It was nice to see Maureen and Allan again and to be able to return the favour of arranging gigs as they so generously do for us when we are traveling around South Australia and Victoria. We look forward to catching up with them in July at the Barham Stampede. Can’t wait for that

Marton Festival 2019 with Nikki Anglesey

On Friday the 18th January we headed to Marton to appear at the Marton Country Music Festival. We missed the 2018 festival due to life. But we were glad to be back in sunny Marton to entertain the huge crowd that had turned out for the weekend. They weren’t disappointed as John and his team had gathered together an amazing group of artists to perform over the weekend.  These included Headliners New Zealand’s own Marian Burns and Noel Flynn all the way from the emerald isles Ireland. Noel  has a traditional country style which went down well with the appreciative crowd. Noel brought his wife Becky with him to experience the sights and sounds of New Zealand and its country music. Marian needs no introductions she is New Zealand’s fiddle player extraordinaire. And Annette and I were blessed to have Marian join us on stage to accompany us on two songs. Thank you soooo much Marian

Marton Festival 2019 with Noel Flynn

We had a great weekend. Thank you to everyone that supported us by buying cds and coming over to chat. We heard some great stories over the weekend. Some we can’t repeat. It was great to catch up with so many friends especially Lloyd and Nancy from Hawera, Lorraine from Whangarei and Gail and Ngatoko Kupe from Fielding. It was so nice to see you all again. Also a big thank you to Beth and Andy Watson for providing us with accommodation over the weekend. What a beautiful home you have. Beth and Andy are very busy people. Andy of course is the Mayor of Marton and together they own “Spookers” in Auckland which is where Beth had to go for the weekend to work. Don’t worry Beth, Andy took care of us wonderfully. Hope to see you both next year.

Nikki Anglesey

Also taking to the stage were; Coopers Run, Kylie Austin, Joy Adams, Carylann, Jenni Smith, Gail Russell, Allan Dennis, Derek and Lynn Evans, Sharon Miller, Kevin and Kay Tappin, Twin Set, and Legal Tender to name just a few. Thanks to the backing bands for their hard during the weekend Los Bandas and Hired Gunz a great job. And let’s not forget Keith Murch for providing the sound. Thanks Keith

The weekend was finished off with the Sunday Gospel walk-ups and then general walk-ups  before finishing off with a rousing finale song lead by Marian and Noel

Thanks John for a great weekend. It looked as though it was a record turnout. Congratulations to all your support team as well. Fantastic job. Great music, great food and great friends what more could you want. We also send our well wishes to Ron Austin. Hope you are on the road to recovery Ron. Couldn’t imagine a country show without yourself and Pam there.

That’s about it folks. Our next festival will be in Thames on the 23rd of March with my cousin Craig Robertson. Also hope to be at the Bay of Islands Country Rock Festival in May with “The Mountain Mist Band” and on Sunday the 24th of February we will be at the annual Kawakawa Vintage Railway concert. Then on the 6th of March we will be at the Kamo Club to celebrate the Dance Sections 19th birthday. So look forward to seeing you at one of these gigs. Until then take care and remember to keep it country.

Best wishes
Annette & Kim

September to December 2018

Hi folks

Wow. The year has just flown by once again. Here we are again getting ready to finish 2018 and looking forward to all that is in store in 2019. We would like to thank everyone that has sent their kind wishes to Annette while she has been unable to sing. It is most appreciated.  Since my return from Australia in early August we have slowly been getting back to performing as a duo. This has included a fundraiser for the Whangarei Special Olympics held at the Kamo Club and a guest artist spot at the Northern Wairoa Country Music Club’s fundraising concert for the Northland Rescue Helicopter held at the Dargaville Club. Both events have raised well over $1000 each.

There was a great turn out for both of these shows with the crowd at each one enjoying the afternoon and really getting into the spirit of the day. Alex Dickson getting a great round of applause for his rendition of “The Gambler” from the audience at the Special Olympics show and also receiving a “near life size” Elvis poster from his good friend Bill Pomare. I would like to mention at this stage how sad we all were to farewell Bill and Fay Pomare who left Whangarei in early November to join their family on the Gold Coast. We will really miss these guys at our gigs. Thank you so much for your support over the years.  

The Dargaville show was ably M.C.ed by Leeanne Dunn, who travelled up from Matamata, with singers from the club adding to the entertainment backed by Bruce Stenhouse and his band, Jim Wallace Snr (a very popular performer), Peter, Jack and Kerry with Ken working the sound. The crowd really getting in to the medley which we now regularly perform at shows.
On the 23rd of November we did our first evening gig together for quite a few months with a performance at the Whangarei RSA. Once again the crowd was awesome and it was great to see so many familiar faces either happy to sit and listen or out on the dance floor. The following Tuesday we were entertaining for the residents of the Kamo Retirement Village. This was another enjoyable afternoon with everyone singing along to all the old familiar songs.Tuesday evening we were booked to entertain for members of the Whangarei Friendship Club, formerly known as Probus, at their end of year dinner held at the Kamo Club. We would like to thank Gloria and Lyn respectively for inviting us to perform at these two events.

Heading into January we are very excited to have our good friend Allan Webster here in Whangarei performing at the Kamo Club on Wednesday  the  9thand at the RSA on Friday the 11th. Allan and his wife Maureen have been wonderful to us when we visit Aussie. Taking care of us and our Aussie dad Dale whenever  we are travelling through.Allan is a seasoned singer/songwriter beginning his career in the music industry back in the sixties as a teenager forming a Rock ‘n’ Roll band with his brother and a couple of mates. They performed alongside the likes of the Beatles and Gerry and the Pacemakers at the Cavern Club. Allan will have his grand daughter, Melody, with him to perform as well. Melody is a very talented singer and has an amazing voice. Don’t miss these shows. There will be dance music so bring your dancing shoes.

On Wednesday the 5th December we performed our final gig for the year at the Kamo Club Dance Sections Christmas break up. What a great night this was with a good sized crowd enjoying the evening’s music. It was so nice to see everyone out on the dance floor enjoying themselves. Some had even donned a little Christmas bling to celebrate the occasion. You may see a few photos doing the rounds on Facebook. Thank you to Denise and John and the Kamo Club for inviting us to perform. We look forward to being at the club in 2019. And a little shout out to our family members who had ventured out to support us. It was so nice to see you all there.

On the 18th 19th and 20th January we will be at the Marton Country Music Festival. John has a great line up of country artists performing with Headliners, Noel Flynn from Ireland, and our very own fiddle player extraordinaire Marion Burns. It looks as though camping spots are filling fast with no powered sites left at the venue.

Sunday 24th February we will be in Kawakawa for the Railway concert and on March 23rd and 24th we will be joining my cousin Craig Robertson for the 5th Thames Country Music Festival. Craig is getting together a fantastic weekend of country music. So we look forward to catching up with you all at one of these events.

Finally we would like to thank everyone for your support in 2018. We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy and country music filled New Year.

Take care and remember to keep it country.

Best wishes

Annette and Kim