Lockdown Update

Hi folks
Hope you are all well. We wanted to let you all know what we have been doing during lockdown.

KIM. Well I have been lucky enough to have been working right through as we are considered part of essential services. So I have been looking forward to the long weekends and short weeks. Our thoughts are with all those finding it difficult at the moment and even though we are beating this virus there are still bills to pay and food to put on the table for our family’s. Times such as these remind me of what I was told by a very good friend when I was facing some challenges in life. He said, “Kim, although it feels like Winter at the moment Summer is coming.” Please remember that no matter the challenges you are facing or how daunting they may seem and it feels like the deepest of Winters as sure as the seasons change Summer is coming and the Sun will shine in your life again.

Lockdown has given us both the chance to step back and look at our music more objectively. We have been sourcing new songs for our dance gigs and duo songs for festivals and concerts. As well as practicing our current song list I have been able to write new songs and rewrite some of the older songs that I have had waiting to be worked on. The challenge is writing good duo songs and hopefully I have managed to do that. Will only know once we start singing them I guess. Some of the song titles making good progress and which we hope to perform in the near future are; “We All Make Promises” – duo “There’s An Open Heart Here Today” – duo “Save A Little Hope For Me” – gospel “Beaten By The Bottle” and “You Don’t Have To Be A Cowboy”. Fingers crossed.

ANNETTE. Well I have been busy in my bubble at home on the farm, gardening and hanging with my horses and Elvis the donkey. I’ve started singing again and feeling great about gettiing back into things once we’re out of lockdown.. New solo songs been worked on as well as duo’s, playing my guitar and that’s been quite some time since I’ve picked that up, also working through 20 years of singing together partnership bookwork and photos and Backing Tracks.Kim can only image the head aches I’ve had sorting through all of that..History, memories, slowly getting it sorted.. Also hope to do another video to put up on line for you all to listen too very soon..

Stay safe everyone.
Annette & Kim.