March/April 2009

Hi Folks,

Well, it has been a fairly quiet March. Annette was one of the guest artists at the Opotiki Charity Concerts along with Laura Downing, Graeme McCardle and Marian Burns. Sounds like she had a great time with everything laid on by Mike Butterworth and his great support team.

Early March saw us playing at the Kamo Club Dance Section 9th Birthday. Always a pleasure to play for these guys they really enjoy their dancing. We will be there a couple more times later in the year.

We also had our first practise with the guys who will be backing us at the Bay of Islands Festival. Things are coming together pretty well we had a great day with Ian Anderson on lead guitar, Brendon Heathcote on bass and Richard Pinny on drums. Both Annette and I are looking forward to the festival as these guys are awesome to work with.

To top the month off we found out that the song “Wake Up and Smell the Whiskey” had reached number 1 on the ECMA Radio Chart Top 100. How cool is that!!!! We have our fingers crossed that something big will flow from this. Maybe a tour or something we will have to brush up on our foreign languages.

Looking ahead to April. On the 5th I will be heading to Kerepehi for the Kiwi Magic Fundraiser. This will be a great day of country music with some awesome talent performing.Then on Thursday the 9th we will be kicking off the Mobile Home Convention. Which is being held near Kaikohe this year.We have met quite a few mobile homers on our travels and they also enjoy their country music .So this should be an awesome night as well.

We are still organising our tour to Norfolk Island and things are coming together quite nicely.This will be an excellent week of country music with some fun activities organized. So don’t miss out on your chance to come with us. Talk to you next month.Keep it country and take care.

All the Best and Keep it Country

Annette and Kim