Annette & Kim Norfolk Island Country Music Festival Tour 2009


Well, we had another great week at the Norfolk Island Country Music Festival. Our group flew out on Saturday the 23rd May and arrived in Norfolk safe and well and ready to enjoy the week. Which started with a night of music at the RSL with the Norfolk Island Band and guests Dennis Marsh, Brendan Dugan and myself. Annette was unable to sing due to contractual arrangements. Everyone had a great night especially Des and Sharon Fatt from our group who won the raffle which consisted of about 24 bottles of wine and spirits and about 2 dozen beers. That set them up nicely for the rest of the week by the end of which they were giving the stuff away. Sunday night saw us join Dennis’ and Brendan’s groups for a progressive dinner which culminated in dessert and a sing along.A very tiring way to start the week so everyone needed to pace themselves.

Monday saw the festival begin proper with the NZ showcase an excellent night with guests Tutjana Wiremu, Laura Thompson, Johnny and Chet O’Connell, Chris Powley, Suzanne Lynch and MC Joy Adams. Tutjana , Chris, Johnny and Chet being the stand outs of this show.

Tuesday had the Australians playing with Canadian Danny Mack  and the ever popular Adam Harvey entertaining along with an all girl group whose name escapes me at the moment. A good show but not as good as the kiwis I thought.

Wednesday night came and that was the Trans-Tasman competition. All the singers performed well and it was a close run competition with Kristal Collins from Mount Compass South Australia coming out the winner. Hayley Smith Neil MacKenzie-Hall and Keinan Ngapo did the Kiwis proud. All sang exceptionally well as did our very own Annette Hawkins who wowed the crowd with her half hour show that included some of the songs from her new album I’m Still Here which she released at the festival to some very appreciative fans.

In between all this our group was having a great time on the island enjoy a game of mini golf and a Walk in the Wild with a fantastic lunch laid on by the Travel Centre Team. Wine and Cheese and a chat with our good friend Brent Hattersley a descendant of the Bounty Mutineer Fletcher Christian.We also enjoyed a Half Day tour of the island a Coffee Plantation tour, had my first coffee in about twenty years, don’t think I’ll be changing back to it though, and a Fish Fry on the cliff tops at Puppies Point watching a beautiful Norfolk Island sunset.

Then it was time to return home,but not before getting together for a farewell dinner at the Seaworld Restaurant and one last hurrah at the Lets Party Night where all the guest artist performed a couple of songs each. Once again Chris Powley showing his diversity by doing an Elvis impersonation with all the gear i.e. authentic jump suit, sunglasses and all the moves no doubt.

Then it was off home.Our group leaving us on Saturday the 31st Dennis Marsh leading us all in a Waiata for the Norfolk Island folk before the flight left.

We had an awesome bunch of people with us again this year and may we say it was a pleasure to be their hosts on the tour. We wish everyone of them the very best.

Annette and Kim